A youngling who constantly is insulting to both genders.
Is also obsessed with sexual terminology as well as being up-todate with whats going on in the world.

Thinks others opinions don't exist.
Alice: You're acting like sucha Tancredi right now.. being all insulting and sexual.
Timothy: I know, and you're a goddamn genius.
by Zoe Zealous September 02, 2007
Top Definition
An incredibly attractive and amazing young man. Contrary to most definitions, he is selfless and generous; a kind and gentle soul. Any woman would be extremely lucky to have Tancredi as their significant other. Although a flirt, he is always sincere in his compliments, despite the receivers denying. He would rather put his friends and loved one's happiness before his own, which speaks wonders about his chivalry and benevolence. He deserves to be treated right with love and kindness.
"Wow, that guy is incredible"
"Yeah, he's a Tancredi"
by bubble-butt January 26, 2014
A person with a generally sour dispostion. Has a great dislike for all people especially outside of ones race. If the tancredi is a ginger they tend to be slightly angrier.
Tedd : Hey look at that tancredi scowl


Mike : I'm going to beat that tancredi up if he comes back here.
by I Hate Mike March 10, 2008
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