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tamsinates, tamsinating, tamsination, past tamsinated

1. verb. subject informal prose to exacting scrutiny and high-handed correction. An act of grammatical pedantry in which amendments are delivered in the manner of a condescending school ma'am, usually resulting in the badgitation of the beneficiary.

2. verb. obsessively clean and tidy an area until it gleams like Mr Muscle's kitchen.
'Madam, I fear I shall be accused of tamsination, but your shopping list contains a most egregious dangling modifier.'
Lady Sneerwell in Richard Brinsley Sheridan, School for Scandal (1777)

'The room was clean. Too clean. The tip-off said there was a Jane on the floor with a slug in her head. Now the joint looked tamsinated.'
Raymond Chandler, The Long Goodbye (1953)
by badgerboyjon October 26, 2011
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