A guy who fucked a white girl who later admitted to being a slut. Now all the white girls and their moms want a little taste... but now he just fucks colored girls.
Brotha' numba 1:
Never fuck a white girl or else you will end up like Tamer...
But it don't matter cause a black girl knows how to work a chocolate stick.
Brotha' numba 2:
That happened to me and I had to leave the state! Those white girls don't quit when they taste that black dick.
by Brotha' numba 1 April 29, 2010
Top Definition
Tamer is a name for a pimp. We see few tamers throughout the city but they're widely known for their game.
You shoulda seen me last night cuz. Had ma Tamer on. ya dig?
by Treal entertainment Hot BOI June 11, 2009
A player who gets laid a lot due to his enormous Charisma....Strong, Convincing, and charming men are called Tamer in general

some Tamer's may imply working as a pimp, popular in east Asian countries only.

The origin of the word comes from Tame- Er , implying the taming of the ladiessss
Guy 1: I hooked up with this chick last night
Guy 2: the third this week.....what a tamer...
by The definition master February 24, 2010

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