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Tamarin's are hero's. They are brave individuals that place others before themselves. They make great mothers and wives. The name Tamarin is only given to beautiful people.
Homeless boy: Please can I have some money
Tamarin: No, but I'll buy you a meal. You will probably spend money on crack and you could use a meal.
by soulsister81 February 01, 2010
17 3
1. (Animal) A small ginger monkey

2. (Person) A smoking South African who is always hungover
Look in the tree, there is a squirrel sized Golden Lion Tamarin Monkey!
by Banana.obv March 07, 2008
9 3
Party animal, alcoholic, chocoholic.

Always the life of the party! More often than not, Tamarin's are blonde haired green eyed angels with a heart of gold and boobs that'll turn heads.

These girls are fiercely loyal and make the most wonderful of friends. Stick with her....she'll make you famous!
Tamarin's out partying again!? I dunno how she does it!
by Peggy_22 September 12, 2013
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