The act of air texting your words while having a face to face conversation.
Michael starting talxting while we were talking. I almost expected him to say "send" when he was done.
by lubbock phislama jama July 19, 2009
Top Definition
Small talk via text
"He needs to stop talxting, I don't have time for this. He should just call."
"Why the fuck are you talxting me?"

What's up? How is your day? I wanna c u
by Marci & Roxie May 06, 2010
Talking words or abbreviations that you would only say in a text.
Scott: Bye Jessica, I g2g. ttyl.

Jessica: The Talxting thing needs to stop. You could actually say the words, instead of just the letters.

Scott: lol w/e. c u later.
by Tropolin July 08, 2010
1. talking and texting simultaneously
2. switching between talking and texting
3. to describe a stage in a relationship where you're more than friends
but NOT dating.
katy: so are you guys dating or what?
jenny: nah, we're just talxting.
by katy g January 30, 2008

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