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The act of ejaculating into a sock and then hitting someone in the face with said soiled sock. This act is preferably done while yelling "BOOM! T.N.T.!" at the moment of impact (the T.N.T. of course standing for "Tallahassee Night Train").

It is advised that any victim of a Tallahassee Night Train must well and truly deserve it, otherwise any repercusions experienced later by the perpitrator at the hands of the victim is completely legal, in accordance with the Standard Dude Code. (Section 3-32C - "If you hit anyone in the face with your jizz, they better deserve it, or they have the full right to kick your ass.")
"Oh man. Eddie found out Lance banged his girlfriend last night. So he dumped her and gave him a Tallahassee Night Train."

"Damn, that's harsh. least Lance deserved it."
by majindelaware March 22, 2010
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