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To speak nonsense, as if the words originated in the colon and exited the neck without being processed by the brain. Usually a female condition. Often, the female will begin such utterance during an argment with a male, or one will hear neck-talking between 2 females. During an argment with a male, the female will usually bulge her eyes and begin what should be some sort of response within the context of the argument, however, what actually gets uttered is colonic glossolalia with no context. The effect is to stupify the argu-ee, either into a state of silent wonderment, or into a rage wherein he might bus' a cap in her to stop the noise.
"hey, where is yo' woman?"
"I bus' a cap in her an' her momma, caw' dey wuz "Talkin' out dey neck"
by Blankenship August 24, 2006
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