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noun, A person who frequently or habitually acts according to the norms of a stereotype with the purpose of conforming to said stereotype.
1) You only drink chai because it seems sophisticated (and because you're a talk-walker).

2) That talk-walker. As if learning Telegu had some purpose BESIDES making him look culturally aware.

3) Hey, is Bryan coming?
by Also a talk-walker September 14, 2008
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A person who acts in order to conform to a stereotype.
1) You're only drinking chai because you think it's edgy... and because you're a talk-walker.

2) You talk-walker. As if learning Telegu had a purpose BESIDES making you look sophisticated.

3) Hi Bryan! How was your drive up?
by Also a talk-walker September 16, 2008
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Anyone who does things s/he doesn't like in order to fit a certain image.
1) If you weren't a talk-walker, you wouldn't be eating vanilla yogurt.

2) Wait, so you suddenly "like" camping because it fits the college student image? Talk-walker.

3) Merry Christmas, Bryan!
by Example 2 Owed Example 1 Ten $ September 16, 2008
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A talk-walker is a person who has no personal moral conviction that dictates their actions, rather, they draw upon the moral fiber of others that they see around them who they admire as "edgy," "independent," "hipster," or "original." The result is an avowed affinity to things like vegetarianism, vegan cookies, five grain pancakes, and vanilla yogurt. Another common symptom is wearing outdoor performance clothing in settings where this is completely unnecessary, and claiming that winter camping can be an 'enjoyable' experience.
Waitress: "What can I get for you?"
Bryan (Common talk-walker name due to the edgy 'y' spelling: "I'll have the five-grain pancakes, please."
Waitress: "Actually, nobody actually orders them because everybody knows they are terrible, we just put them on the menu to attract talk-walkers into the restaurant."
by WholeGrainHate September 11, 2008
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talking to ones self (usually without realizing) while out on a walk.
"hey i saw you walking your dog the other day. who where you talking to?"

"what? talking to? nobody"

"ok?! it looked like a full on conversation, you are such a talkwalker!"
by DanRV June 30, 2012
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