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The most amazing, beautiful girl in the world. She's got hair like a lion's mane, eyes that make you melt when she looks at you, and a smile that brightens up anyone's day. She loves to dance, sing, and make a complete fool of herself when nobody's looking. She's adorable, kind, caring, loving, and just an all around good person. She's a lioness, a bird, and a bear. If you don't have yourself a good Taliyah yet, go get one.
Damn dude, who is that girl? That's Taliyah dude, how do you not know her?

I'm so happy to be with my Taliyah. She's amazing.
by Erconma September 25, 2011
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ghetto bootayy. BEAUTIFUL, funny and loud laugh, hyperactive, hungry all the time, a little horn dog, constant partier. a very good friend to you, likes to go doggy style, has her lesbian moments, but you are guaranteed to LOVE her. very smart but NOT straight edge. a flirty sexy beast. thats all i have to say about my wonderful taliyah
"look at her, she's acting like such a taliyah
by bootycall19996 May 29, 2011
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