A person who has major mood swings, but who's alwayz kewl!
That Tali is hella tight!
by "The Man" October 16, 2003
A huge saggy vagina. You could also use it referring to people who are nasty. Also referred to as a floor sweeper
EDUARDO: Yo, watch out for that Tali dragging on the floor.
MICHAEL: Too late I already tripped over it!
by muffanator November 21, 2010
one who sucks the life out of a friend, one who somehow whips your friend even when not giving them any. one who no one likes and gets pissed when said friend brings her to a party where she makes him buy her a six pack of bitch beer then drinks two and acts stupid as shit,
me: dude lanes new bitch was bein a tali she better cut it the hell out.
by max stotch November 24, 2007
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