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A very ambitious and loving girl. She puts her concern for friends and family first. She's very attractive and in most cases very irresistable. She is often sumed up to be a great wife for any guy who wants to settle down and have a successful life with a woman. Takisha's are hostile and aggressive and do not take disrespect of arrogance from anyone. She's independent and also reliable so she's as honest as she can be.
Takisha you're a very great friend and you're good hearted
by Ramlasr December 19, 2012
A slam piece of a chick harder to spot than a unicorn. A ring pop giving, kool aid lovin, head bobbing and nodding kinda gal.
1. I want her to Takisha me.
2. Dam I am in need of a Takisha.
3. Lay the Takisha down on me
by Killa Carter August 17, 2011
A person who is very black or dark skin colored, usually this word is referenced to black vaginas. Or dark colored vaginas.
" Damn that girl has such a takisha, I cant even see were she is at night."
" Your such a takisha"
by Tanini person May 17, 2010
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