Japanese word:タき pronounced Tah-key.

Used as a common name for foot wear, rivers, and restaurants. Literal translation mean "two" or "double" is a positive word used to describe something as Really good, or very powerful.

づりタき(Duli Taki)= two rivers in a Japanese Myth where twin samurai faced each other in a battle of honor vrs transgression. Now many who revere the legend use Taki as an honorific.

examples in products:

Japanese steak house: www dot takijapanesesteakhouse dot com

Taki used in shoes:
www dot chainreactioncycles dot com/Models.aspx?ModelID=9512

Taki in video games:
en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/Taki_ (Soulcalibur)
Otmoro and Wushi met at the river Taki and had a great battle.

I am at a Duli Taki, and cannot decide if I want to quit my job or just keep my head down and keep working. It's killing me.

Watashi O' name wa Taki desu. Dozu yoro shiku.
(Hello my name is Taki. It is nice to meet you.)
by HanaOtomi March 20, 2012
A retard who dances to impress the crowd, which usually ends with people laughing at his 'orginality'. Represents Mr. Bean in dancing style and embarrasses his family and friends. A man to be LOLed at.
Mr. Bean or a Butt ugly frog like taki.
by HeyImSoBoredWithThis November 25, 2011
A guy who does nothing but try to sleep with underage girls. A pedophile. He usually does not have a job and lives off of the government. He lives only with friends and has no responsibilities.
Friend: Hey, I heard you were going out with that Taki over there. Do you know how old he is?
Girl: Oh, God no! I was just around when he got his government check so he could try to get in my pants, and I could get a new outfit. He's such a tool!
by Lauco September 19, 2011
It is commonly used on Guam to describe shit.
Josephine: What's wrong Jon? Why are you sweating?
Jon: Duddddde.... I gotta taki right now!
Josephine: Go into the jungle and taki right there!
Jon: Kay kay, jon goes to the jungle
Josephine: Everybody look!! He's taking a shit!!!!
by 123elephant September 16, 2007
Alpha male....or..a self centered egoist who's wanting to cutt up your vagina
"hm...movie or sex.."
by nyan nyan September 06, 2003
Someone who trolls people online.
Causes great amount of annoyance and are very often referred to "someone who has no life"
This guy is trolling us, he's such a takis!
How long is this going to go on for? It's so annoying! What a takis!
Stop it! You takis !
by Twinkle987 January 05, 2012
Someone who is very annoying and is trying to troll you online. Often used to describe a "noob" troller.
"Look at that guy trying to troll us. What a Takis!"
by PokeNerdTheTroll January 02, 2012

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