Sexual act in which a man stuffs a piece of fruit, though most often an apple, entirely up an elderly woman's pussy. He then proceeds to remove it from her gray cave and serve it to her on a cheap and dirty acrylic plate.
Hector: I took Dolores to Applebee's last night.
Gustavo: Oh yeah? How was the food?
Hector: No, you idiot. I stuffed a pear in her box then made her eat it.
Gustavo: <silence>
Hector: You've never enjoyed the experience of taking grandma to Applebee's before?
Gustavo: Can't say that I have.
Hector: You're missing out. Sometimes the old hag will leave you a tip. Depends on the quality of the fruit though.
by ZarpaDelTigre November 09, 2010
Top Definition
Vague sexual euphemism for the act of soaking your hand in water until it becomes wrinkly, and then manipulating your rectum. Popular among an extremely small segment of late night television viewers.
Conan's been in the tub all morning. Last time he did this I caught him taking Grandma to Applebees. I hope he at least trimmed his fingernails first this time.
by Rex Acren November 09, 2010
When a Grandma and or "Gilf" in your Neighborhood goes down on 3 or more neighbors within a one block radius. She would be "Eating good in the Neighborhood".
Three of my neighbors are "Taking Grandma to Applebees". She sure is "eating good in the neighborhood".
by lvjb November 09, 2010
Sex. Cheap, dirty sex.

Term dubbed by Conan O'Brien 11-9-2010
You better be taking grandma to applebee's this weekend, dude.
by sarcasticbitch23 November 11, 2010
An inexpensive means of entertaining an elderly woman, requiring only male shamelessness and her healthy libido.
Taking Grandma to Applebees only cost me my dignity and self respect.
by Texpert November 18, 2010
doing her from behind while she's bent over on a walker, while simultaneously eating ribs off her back.
Dude, I had such a crazy time with that bitch last night! Let's just say we got wasted, and then I was definitely taking grandma to applebees!
by asian cole November 10, 2010
"Taking Grandma to Applebee's" is a sexual activity where the female is older than 65 and the man is at least 20 years younger. The woman eats out the man's butt hole. Of course the man preferably is a vegetarian, and has diarrhea.
The other night, I was taking grandma to Applebee's, and I sharted all over her face.
by Drovik November 10, 2010
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