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1 definition by ZarpaDelTigre

Sexual act in which a man stuffs a piece of fruit, though most often an apple, entirely up an elderly woman's pussy. He then proceeds to remove it from her gray cave and serve it to her on a cheap and dirty acrylic plate.
Hector: I took Dolores to Applebee's last night.
Gustavo: Oh yeah? How was the food?
Hector: No, you idiot. I stuffed a pear in her box then made her eat it.
Gustavo: <silence>
Hector: You've never enjoyed the experience of taking grandma to Applebee's before?
Gustavo: Can't say that I have.
Hector: You're missing out. Sometimes the old hag will leave you a tip. Depends on the quality of the fruit though.
by ZarpaDelTigre November 09, 2010
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