When you give a girl the option as to where to put your member (Termometer). You can either stick it in her mouth under her tongue or in her ass.
Taking Temperature...
"Hey man my girlfriend was not feeling well on Monday so I took her temperature under her tongue.
On Friday she was feeling much better so I took her temperature in her ass."

Sucking mercury
Bitch got mercked
by Ace, 8's, Flash, Proffesor, Romeo February 25, 2008
When you finger a girl. Fantastic-like.
"Hey Drew, guess what happened last night? I was taking temperature of this chick and I think she had the flu."

"How'd you take her termperature"

"With my finger thermometer...it was a balmy 98.6 degrees"
by Benny Delicious October 14, 2006

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