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Takacs; also known as Tackonator. Pwns at games, robotics, and just about everything else under the sun. Accidental nose picker. Takacs is loved ubermuch by a girl with a butt named Laquisha (the butt, not the girl). Is the whitest member of the National Society of Black Engineers you'll ever meet. Takacs is CEO of new and is also green. Takacs is defined as dancing in its mostpure form, especially club and break.
"Look at that dude having a seizure on the dance floor. He's such a Takacs." Can also be used interchangeably with Chuck norris. all Skynet "terminator" machines start their serial number with Takacs
by Scakat (subtle, ain't it?) August 10, 2008
Takacs, meaning "large". The word Takacs comes from the ancient Aztec language, derived from the city Takastaton. The city was notoriously known for having many large temples built to worship the Aztec god Trista. Sometimes incorporated into names, takacs has been recently incorporated into slang.
Common slang terms such as, "Yo man, that girl be takacs."
Some citizens in southern Mexico have adapted forms of takacs into names.
by The Long One January 31, 2009
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