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"A virgin who has inserted A dildo, into the vagina to the point of penetration Intercourse".

II:A dildo fully entering into the vagina.

III:A cast of another man's penis entering the vagina.

Intercourse: physical sexual contact between individuals that involves the genitalia of at least one person
Multiple scenarios of the words use.

Person A(Speaking to friend):She says shes a virgin but I know shes tainted...I saw her vagina and its like a gaping manhole!"

Person B:Dude Stfu about your "Tainted virgin" just bang the bitch already"


Virgin:I just cant stand the fact that she is fucking the cast of another man's penis;It's like she has already betrayed me".

Douche bag:Ya man no one likes sloppy seconds even if it was a cast Lol enjoy your "Tainted Virgin", as for me I got me a cherry to go PoP!"

Loser:She popped her own fucking Cherry she uses her dildo like a plunger and she expects me to call her a Virgin?!"

Loser3.0:Man there's a name for that it's called a "Tainted Virgin".
by Adrian Dearth September 05, 2010
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