Means fuck in chinese; a rad lad. bee's knees, cats pyjamas, and the coolest thing since sliced bread. also known as bobby dazzler
ahhh tahnee! i hurt my finger fuck.
by bobby dazzler; May 03, 2008
Top Definition
A mad sexy animal of a woman.
by dAVE July 03, 2003
One sexy mo-fo of a woman, she's crazy, funny, beautiful, energetic like the energiser bunny, cute, sexy, bubbly, gorgeous, happy, always smiling, jumping and dancing around, singing, laughing and always looking hot. Always friendly and talkative, get on her bad side but & you'll know about it and wish you hadn't.

She's sweet yet harsh, innocent but bad. Only a very select few know the many sides of the real Tahnee.
I wish I was in Tahnee's league... She's so amazing!
by annonomonousss September 27, 2011
extrovert atomatic camel hump. tahnee is the goo found inside the hump that is used as insulation. it is black and meaty in texture
corbey bird
by meat head July 18, 2003
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