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a young pretty girl, who is smart, trustworthy and caring in everything she does, sees the goodness in your heart, and reflects upon it...someones who you like to talk to and listens to your every words...really great in bed, and knows how to turn you on.

Shes the kind of person that you will never forget no matter what happens, and shes really attractive...and at most beautifull...adores every little things in the world...and will also give up everything in the world for the person she loves and cares about.

its a girl u you like spending the time with, even if it is just for .5 seconds in the mall, or an entire day at the park, holding her, and whispering in her ears how much you adore being with her, and how beautiful she is and how much she is worth you.

a girl who you will do anything for, you might even thought of kidnapping her, and run away with her, just so that you can be with her for always!!
hey fern, im getting my mask and duck tape ready, will kidnap you in 5 min...

Tahnee-Fern: awww finaly i get to go away with you for ever, but make sure you make it real as possible ok? this is just so exciting...

the little beauty that will always walk this earth!!!!!
by sexymenofgod January 06, 2012
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