A tall anorexix bum . Usually gay .
I saw a Tahmid on the steps and got really scared .
by Storps Kachlab December 26, 2008
Top Definition
Arabic for "to praise".
Person 1: I Tahmid you.
Person 2: Thank you. I accept your Tahmid.
by seven forty seven May 14, 2009
a cool person who turns gay people straight
Max was gay before he met a tahmid.
by Melvin Trine December 29, 2008
1. Anyone who refuses to obtain sexual intercourse due to the dire need of playing World of Warcraft and masturbating to inaminate objects.

Ex. "Tahmid please stop masturbating to that pencil sharpener."

2. A strange pokemon that lives in curry-affiliated areas and breeds asexually.

Ex. "Hey lemme catch that tahmid..... actually fuck that."

3. An animal that has a tendency to hump other animals of the same sex but different species.

4. A prostitute that is generally known for not giving good head, and disrespects her pimp.

Ex. "Fuck, this bitch is a real tahmid, she fucking bit it. What a fucking stupid tahmid bitch"

5. A person who does not recognize interest in the opposite sex as a genuine feeling.
Tahmid is a pokemon found in the wild, but don't catch it, shit will bite your penis
by DemonSwagg314 December 29, 2010
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