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A Hawaiian who insists Hawaiians are from Tahiti, instead of Samoa, the place where all Tahitians and Hawaiians come from.
Kimo: "Eh, brah, you haoles fuckas, we not Samoans, we Tahitians, Tahitinuis, brah."
Dr. Jones: "Kimo, calm down you Ufa, the evidence makes clear all Tahitians and Hawaiians are originally from Samoa."
Kimo: "Brah, doctah Jones, you fucka, I no care what the fucking evidence suggests, brah, all I know is I not was Samoan."
Dr. Jones: "Kimo, I hope to see you in your GED class next week, and bring your mother and father too, as they finish their basic literacy class, okay, Kimo."
by Mahdaf Fak Ah June 17, 2009

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