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An incredibly handsome guy with stunning superhero sexiness. Taharqua is every girls' dream guy and the woman in his life is the honestly the luckiest female in the world. When he gives his love, he gives it wholeheartedly and always makes the girl in his arms feel special, beautiful and loved. He's respectful and treats her like a princess. He's the perfect lover and is always loved by the one he chooses. He has a rough outer shell but a heart of gold! Always protects those who he considers close to him and takes his relationships serious. A Taharqua is a guy to keep very close to your heart and love completely. Don't hold back because he is most definitely the most amazing person you will ever meet.
Michele: Dang girl you just can't stop smilin'

Princess: Yea it's all cuz of Taharqua!
by Faithfully Happy! April 12, 2011