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Having dibs, shotgun, or bags on the second round of sex with a girl in one night. Often called out in the same fashion as shotgun is for the front seat of a car.
Order of tagsies are as follows:
Sloppy Seconds, Third in the Bird, Floppy Fourths, Flappy Fifths, Slippery Sixths, Seventh Heaven.

Brad: "Tagsies!"


Jamie:"Oh maan! Fine, I tagsies floppy fourths."

Chris: "Flaps For Me."

Guy Five: "Tagsies!"

Angus: "Tagsies on slips!"

Charlie: "...Fuck off guys!"

Chris: "Hey guys, Charlie is gay!"

<Guys all laugh at Charlie>

Charlie: "Fiiiiine... I'll take seventh heaven."

Chris: "Fuck you're disgusting Charlie."

by POi POi POi POi POi POi POi December 07, 2008
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