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The act of taging a photo or group of photos in digital photo albums.
I rushed that tagjob and mislabeled 20 of my friends.

Thanks for the great tagjob! Now I know the names of everyone in the picture.

With 800 photos, I've got a big tagjob ahead of me.
by layer14 July 24, 2008
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(noun)when the lights are out, and one male friend swaps in the place of his other male friend who was in the act of coitus with an unassuming young woman, and performs said coitus acts as well; this occurs cyclically between the two men.
Gina, got shitcanned at the box social, and engaged in numerous backshots with Robert. 5 minutes later, Jason showed up and they tagjobbed that meatsleave all night. She never noticed the switch in penises.
by Arp$ April 11, 2008
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