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aka real name: Dong Young Bae

A part of the korean band, Big Bang.

taeyang means the sun in languages such as korean and chinese.

He is an extremely hard worker and is mighty hot just like the sun!
nowadays, people have been going for the taeyang faux, coined by many youngster as the "taeyang hair".

People are also dressing like Taeyang's MV and dancing like Taeyang~

sigh, i understand that everyone wants to be like taeyang, but like the sun, there is only one :)
by the clouds that surrounds the April 10, 2011
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Did you mean "Forever Alone"?
I'm tired of being alone, I'm sick of being single. Shit, I think I'm Taeyang.
by Kwon Jiyong January 07, 2012
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