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The action a woman performs that is similar to a tea bag generally performed by men.

The woman/girl/female/what have you, simply squats down over one unsuspecting persons head or forehead lightly touching said forehead with their vaginal region and exclaims loudly with confidence.. "TACO TAP" which is then generally followed by a roar of laughter. The performer may or may not be fully or partially clothed.
"I just taco tapped him so hard and he didn't even wake up!"

"She's looking the other way, go taco tap her from behind"
by Legweak November 18, 2011
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The female equivalent of the male's T-bag. To thrust a women's vagina into another person's face, usually for sexual pleasure.
Dude, I heard Cale got a Taco-Tap last night. She was Taco-tapping him all night.
by Boristheforeigner October 28, 2009
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