An excuse for a mexican restaurant from the outside and a secret biological weapons lab on the inside. Ever wonder why they call dat beef GROUND BEEF? Ever wonder what they put in your ZESTY CHICKEN Booowl? Yea nigga taco bell is headed by Al Quaeda in collab with the mexicans tryin to take over our fiiine country.. dont let em do it! Shoot the Chalupas!
"Yo dogg let's go shoot up some Mild Sauce at Taco Bell!"
"Nigga's you trippin? Let's go do a drive-by on dem bitches from the drive-thru"
by Skeet 4 Life December 04, 2005
The Mexican Phone Company
They didn't pony up to Taco Bell and now their phone's disconnected.
by Kuerno May 30, 2008
Where dog food is used in tacos and burritos.
I couls swear that Taco Bell Gordita had Purina Dog Chow in it.
by Beavis July 12, 2003
A fast food chain that serves faux mexican food that, in the Peoria, IL area used to be called "O Cat Bell" because of the employee's habits of mixing in cat feces with the ground beef and giving it to customers.
Guy 1: Hey, let's go to Taco Bell!
Me: You mean O Cat Bell? No thanks
Guy 1: mmm...kitties
by McMillion February 20, 2008
The damn tastiest Mexican fast food ever. Cooked by real Mexicans.
(Try the Grilled Stuft Burrito!)
¿Yo quero Taco Bell?
by ScYtH May 24, 2004
The greatest fast food chain ever created.
by BudLiteBrad February 18, 2003
Place that should be nuked into orbit, with all the remaining parts of the damn chihuahua, and along with its employees, franchisees, and executives.
Finally, some annoying company has been shot out of our planet, including all the restaraunts, and their corporate HQ, with EVERYONE that uses those buildings.
by victor December 07, 2003

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