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A warm tortilla, slightly mushy, filled with meat, cheese, and shit. It is placed in a bag and masked with "taco odors" to confuse any possible consumer of such disgusting smegma and turtle shit in a bag. Often sold at schools, because no one else in their right mind would actually buy this shit. Possible uses: fertilizer, laxitive, or a blunt weapon.
I took a bite of this taco in a bag, it tastes like shit. Want it? smells alright...OH SHIT WHAT THE FUCK MAN?!! THIS IS DISGUSTING! Aww, sick, flowers are growing in my mouth.
by Kevin Costner January 19, 2004
when eating a chick out, placing seran wrap over the vagina so the taste isnt as bad
She had a horrible tasting pussy, so i gave her a taco in a bag so i could stand it
by Kavy August 18, 2006
tacos in a bag. mushy. cheesy. beefy
boy: Want a taco in a bag?
boy 2: no thank you i just had my taco in a bag.
by whitexasian July 24, 2006
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