1 definition by Alexisr07

This is when a broad pulls down her pants and panties (if she's wearing any) and places the lips of her vagina on someone else's face or food or anything really as a joke or for revenge. It's the female version of what dudes do when they "tea-bag" something. Not reccomended when it's "that time of the month" unless the person really deserves it. Taco bagging does not work on guys or other broads that want to fuck you because then they'd enjoy it and that would defeat the purpose.
1. I can't believe that bitch! I am so going to taco bag her face when she falls asleep.

2. My mouth is salty from when Sally taco bagged me after I spit in her face.

3. She is so drunk!!! Let's take turns taco bagging her!
by Alexisr07 May 29, 2009

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