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Usually an early to mid 80's American made vehicle (ie; 1984 Chevy Monte Carlo). Said vehicle is characterized by small, wide wheels that stick out from the fenders. 13 inch rims are most common. The taco rocket is not complete without some or all of the following accessories: Immitation hood scoop (not painted of course) rivited to the hood, multiple fake antennas, carpeted dash board, dingle balls mounted to front top of windshield, CD attached to rearview mirror, crappy do-it-yourself window tint, various decals, including the Virgin Mary, Jesus or the occasional bull. More often than not, the Taco Rocket is a piece of shit, where as the tires/rims are worth more than the entire car. It is not unheard of for a "esse" to buy the tires/rims first, then a car to put them on. There is a variation to the normal Taco Rocket where the car has an elaborate paint job, although the color scheme leaves something to desire such as lime green and copper. In recent years the Taco Rocket phenominum has spread to import cars.
Person A: Goddamn that is one ugly fuckin Taco Rocket!!
Person B: What the fuck was that Vato thinking when he did the paint job!?

Examples of more recent Taco Rockets:
a 1999 Pontiac Firebird Trans-AM WS-6 with hydraulics
a Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 slammed, riding on 13 inch, super wide tires
by Tank178 October 30, 2005
A cheap ghetto sled with tiny wheels and lots of paint and chrome primarily driven by persons of latino heritage.
Las night was cruise night,every beaner in town was there so it was bumper to bumper Taco Rockets.
by vivian darkbloom October 15, 2005
A backpack style leaf blower resembling a jetpack.
That guy with the taco rocket blew gravel into my grass!
by parrothed71 February 05, 2010
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