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The drive thru guy at the Taco Bell in Burnsville, MN. If you ask any questions he will snap and act like you are the dumbest person alive. He obviously hates his job and is unhappy with his career path since he has to be in his late 30's. I will never order another Grande Meal from that Taco Bell again.
Customer: Does the Grande Meal come with a drink?
Taco Nazi: No, do you see a drink in the picture?
Customer: You're a Taco Nazi!
Taco Nazi: Do you want anything or not?
#taco bell #burnsville #taco #minnesota #fast food
by Davit McBarn December 23, 2005
See also: vagina coastguard

When alone with a girl and her mother constantly checks up on the two of you, the mother is referred to as a "taco nazi," due to her unceasing oversight of your intended mate's snatch.
Dude, I was trying to get Jess to do me on her couch last night, but her mom was being a total taco nazi. That shit was under lock and key like Fort Knox.
by pezheadxj3 August 07, 2005
A drink
1 part Tequila
1 part Jägermeister
1 part Tobasco sauce
Customer: Could I get a taco nazi?
Bartender: What?
#tequila #jägermeister #tabasco #drink #alcohol
by Miekul April 22, 2006
Taco: A cheap, inexpensive quickly made fast food product.
Nazi: A political party with Lofty Goals and willing to kill all who stood in their way, or disliked.

Taco Nazi: One who sets or brags about going to do large, big or impressive things in life, but carries these dreams out in cheap, poor half-assed way.
"Melinda said she was going to be the most famous singer in the world; all she does is sing karaoke down at the local bar; what a Taco Nazi."
#taco #nazi #ducktales #woo #hoo
by Darkthunder June 25, 2007
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