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Female masturbation, a girl using her hands to flick her clit or finger herself.
We always take the time to masturbate, to milk the snake, girls do the taco handshake.
by MC Urban Words December 28, 2010
To tug the sausage after having accumulated a descent amount of dick cheese. Preferably done by a female.
"Man, it's like a Swiss cheese factory down there. Care to give me a taco handshake, love?"
by Jaa9G August 31, 2009
The art of female masturbation while sitting on a toilet at work. At times this maybe used in substitution of a muff slap.
She was extremely horny while working but was on her period so she went to the bathroom and preformed a taco handshake.
by Hammy_03 September 26, 2009

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