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the mug cup that mikey way is always holding/drinking from in the fan comic WAY (were against you) series. it is fictional but lets pray the real mikey does someday hold a TACITO.
i'm going to go drink coffee out of my Tacito.
by monroeville January 13, 2010
A talking mug cup that is always used by mikey way in the fan comic
it stands for
I need coffee in my Tacito!!
by monroeville February 01, 2010
I believe they are a type of crisps or nachos. Also a classic moment from the simpsons.
"Fire the torpedos"
"what did he say put on our tuxitos"
"I like some tacitos"
by Warren March 18, 2004
tacitos is just a cool word to say and could mean anything
shes got tacitos (shes hot)
hes got tacitos (hes ugly)
lets go tacitos (lets go do something)
lets go do our tacitos ( we should do our homework)
by jaymie and nick November 05, 2006
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