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A crispy taco shell filled with delicious nacho cheese.
"Tachos, they're like nachos in a handful!"
by ze_fr3nch February 28, 2010
When you are broke, and find your self with only taco shells and cheese.... voila... TACHOS
by Spank Me Hard April 30, 2003
Young Money, ROSS! Maybach Music, G.O.O.D Music
Going and getting H.A.M.
Monica"Did you see Tacho?"
Veronica "Yeah, he was going H.A.M!!"
by seeeeeevvvveeeeennnn!!! February 15, 2011
Nachos, with taco seasoned beef.
"Yo Heather, I brought stuff for Tachos!"

- "Tachos aren't a real thing! They are just the way people make Nachos!"
"Tachos are real! Check Urban Dictionary! Question EVERYTHING!"
by BaconSteak January 03, 2014
Short for "Nacho Taco." Simply the greatest cure for munchies. Best served with SoBe Pina Colada.

How to prepare:
1- Place a square of aluminum foil over your stove burner and turn it on to medium heat. (Don't wrap it around the edges or any stupid shit that will make it hard to take off while it's hot.)
2- Put a large FLOUR tortilla (corn tortillas SUCK) on the foil.
3- Sprinkle vast quantities of shredded cheese over the center of the tortilla, making a row about two inches wide, resembling a speed bump. I personally found mozzarella and "shredded taco cheese mix" (from Lowe's Foods) to be especially delicious.
4- Take that shit off when the cheese is melted, fold it up like a Burrito Of Awesomeness, and eat that shit!
Man I went over to Dante's house, my drug dealer, and we ate about like 17 tacho's cuz of that blueberry yum yum he got from India.
by Nikolai103 June 17, 2010
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