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Someone who takes drugs often, A term used in great britain.
He's a tachead
What a tachead
Are we going out tonight with the tacheads?
by Bob Austin August 24, 2003
A person who can't eat one Tic-Tac without eating the entire box in one sitting.

An addict, afflicted by a terrible disease.
Chelsea: The orange ones just taste like candy, I think there's only 5 left.

Me: You're a freakin' Tac-Head. You have control issues. I want you to get help.
by m093210 May 24, 2010
A woman that chooses to believe the most transparent lies told to her by her partner
If she thinks her man isn't sleeping with his baby-mother then she a tac-head.
by Gangsta Bully May 02, 2016
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