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The best fucking thing you've ever eaten.
"Fuck I need some tabouli right now."
by JonoFTW September 24, 2011
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a lebanese or turkish salid containing lettuce, tommato, humis and other lumps of shit. Tastes ok in kebabs and yeeroses. Originated from china but when the chinese soldiers got captured they told the greeks the secrets about tabouli. When you eat tabouli make sure that you dont eat the humis. you can easily spot humius cuz it looks like the stuff you cough out in the morning, not phlegm, but lil yellow cubes that smells so bad
Man, i want a tabouli and kebab to go thanks. No mushrooms you gook. in some cultures people use tabouli as a sauce.
by alyxman September 12, 2006
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