A college prep school located in Marion Massachusetts. Decent academics, great sports, no art, and a strict dress-code. The population consists primarily of rich kids, overachievers, jocks, and fashionable Asians. The guys tend to be pretentious, somewhat intelligent, fit but not horribly attractive, and basically douchebags. Some of the male dorms are pretty gay. The girls are equally pretentious, extremely attractive, more focused on schoolwork, and don't wear skirts that fit the knee-length dress code. Each one owns a pair of Uggs and something with horizontal stripes. The food is good, especially white pizza Thursday and cookie Monday, but occasionally a bit repetitive. Avoid the caesar salad. People usually hook up in Hoyt or in the laundry room under the Chapel. Everyone likes to brag about something, from their academic achievements to just how loaded they are. Clubs are basically a joke and none of them meet after the first week. Nearly everyone is heterosexual and has a Twitter. Rumors spread very fast, so people say that the walls are thin. No one really understands the website, especially the teachers.
Tabor Girl: Wow I can't believe I just got dresscoded by insert teacher here! He/she must really hate me! I can't believe Tabor Academy lets them do this!
Not Tabor Girl: Well maybe it's because your skirt doesn't cover your ass.
by totes not a windmill January 18, 2013
Top Definition
College prep school in massachusetts. A few hot guys, tons of hot girls. Very challenging academics, kick ass sports, esp ice hockey. The school is right on the water and all the kids are loaded. They kick exeter, andover and anyone elses ass because they know how to party.
boy 1: wow.. that chick is mad hot, and smart too
boy 2: of course she is, she goes to Tabor...
boy 1: i should have guessed, shes so sexy!
by student December 14, 2004
A school on the Cape with really hot girls, some hot guys, kick ass athletics, and academics. Guys think they're the shit and think they can get w/ any Tabor girl when in reality the girls are way too good for them. They know how to party, and can kick your ass in anything, especially sports.
Tabor guy: Wow, that girl is so hot, did u see her at the party last night? I'm so hot, athletic, and smart, I'm gonna ask her out.... Yo, you wanna hook up sometime?
Tabor girl: or not...
Tabor guy: ok then!
by student from other school January 12, 2005
tabor academy:
best private high school!!!!
Everything about it is amazing.
Oh, and boarders are better.
Person #1: "you go to Tabor Academy?"
Person #2: "wow.... i'm jealous"
by Tabor March 30, 2008
a school located in Marion, MA where one can only survive if they pop their collar, sport a pair of uggs, wear either jcrew or ralph lauren polo, and act extremely fake.
Ex. A: Student-Oh hi Jane! (3 minutes later) Wow she is having the worst hair day ever, shes such a whore, and her uggs are a gross shade of blue EEW

Ex. B: Like hello!? where are your polo sweaters and collared shirts??
by hmm December 19, 2004
i vote for the second definition
person 1: wow tabor looks fucked up, look at defintion two
person 2: thats a downer
Person 1: everyone should go to csw
by Mi-anus February 01, 2005
Gay, homosexual, fairy
Larenzo that gucci shirt looks soooo Tabor Academy on you.
by seawolfs April 14, 2005
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