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A inter-denominational, family-oriented, multi-cultural, and multi-racial fellowship Christian church where Jesus is Lord.

But mainly and commonly used as a synonym for the slang word "Chuuch." Which is a synonym for the word "Amen." As in a confirmation or as to agree with something. Speaking the truth.
Man haters gon hate whether you hungry and they ate.
Tabernackle. Chuuch. Preach.
by Midwestsmoke74 September 12, 2012
2 1
tabernackle can be used for any foul word you cant say in front of the parentals, pastors, teachers, etc.
" I think i just tabernackeled in my pants!" - translation--" I think i just shit in my pants"

" Suck my tabernackle!" translation- Suck my dick!
by greg, and the fishy youth group November 26, 2006
22 35