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The state of euphoric, apathetic bliss you find yourself in after injesting large amounts of tabs.
Dan: Is Andy in a coma?
Caleb: No man, he ate a bunch of lortab.
Dan: Shit son, that kid is tabbed out.
by G-piece October 13, 2006
Tabbed Out generaly means one pressed Alt and Tab on the key board to minimize a program.
Illfated Fat is a prime example of tabbed out. This person is tabbed out of a program more than anyone else in the WHOLE WORLD. Everyday people talked to her, and do they get a reply sometimes. Most often Five - Twenty minutes later they get sorry was tabbed out of game what did you say? It gets funny but after awhile people tend to know that she is tabbed out.

The definition of tabbed out is Illfated Fat since this certain individual is tabbed out more than any other person.

I am sure if one should ever decide to look up tabbed out in a dictionary they would find a picture of Illfated Fat. <3
by wall117 March 22, 2008
Reffering to a paratrooper who has attained all three Airborne, Ranger, and Speacial Forces Tabs. These tabs are worn above his unit pacht on his left shouldere. When all three of these tabs are worn simultaniously it is also refered to as the "Tower of Power"
Did you see that bad ass? He was all tabbed out.
by This is what's up April 06, 2005
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