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TaGR stands for 'Tak and Gaz Romance', a fictional romance from the show Invader Zim. The origins of TaGr are unknown, though most fanfictions involve Tak returning to Earth and she falls in love witath Gaz, or vice versa. Jhonen Vasquez (The creator of Invader Zim) does not support TaGr, but then again, he doesn't support any Invader Zim pairings.

TaGr fan #1: ZOMG! TAGR is SOOO awesome!

TaGr fan # 2: YEAH! It TOTALLY makes sense!

Random DaTr fan: NU! Tak loves DIB! They luv each other, it's so OBVIOUS!

TaGr fans: LIES!

*A fight ensues*

#invader zim #tak #gaz #romance #jhonen vasquez #moo
by InvaderSkoot February 18, 2011
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