Boobs, tittys. breasts. the glorious mounds on a girls body
usuallly used by drunks or pervy men ha ha
"tata's tata's look at her tata's"
she got a fine pair of tata's over dere
by Tata's4eva September 08, 2008
Abbreviation of "Patatas," the Spanish word for "Potatoes."

1) Potatoes
2) Slang for "Grandparents"
1) I think I'll just eat some tatas.
2) I'm going to visit my tatas this weekend.
by Tatass November 24, 2010
People that act like straight negroes
"Who you mad at"


by VERONICA48611 January 22, 2010
Derbyshire alternative for "walkies" directed toward small child.
"Come on m'duck...we're gooing tatas"
by drbollocks April 20, 2008

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