That's what she said
" I need to go to work will you ,move your car"
"Sure i'll pull out in a second"
by omglolwtfrolfcopter October 13, 2008
This is the AIM version of the popular phrase "That's what she said". This phrase refers to the comments of nameless female of past relation.

If something with a double meaning comes up in a conversation, this phrase can be used to A) exadurate or flat out lie about previous sexual exploits, and B)create humor, levity, comedy, or completely knock a class off track (especialy usefull in A.P. English classes
StudentA: AHH, I spilled the glue!
Teacher: You're making a mess!
StudentB: Thats what she said!

ubernerd101:did you get the gum out?
sxychick69:No! Its all stickey!
by QSUS @ KCIN March 11, 2009
The short hand in a txt for "Thats what she said"
"Hey, how did u do on tht 1 tst?"
"Oh man, it was so hard!"
by Mr. Immature November 18, 2010
Short way to say "That's What She Said"
"My hand was so hot last night" said Shirley "TWSS" exclaimed Rosita.
by :) love November 01, 2010
TWSS stands for "Thats What She Said". It is designed for those who want to say "Thats what she said" but dont want to say the whole phrase. This phrase should only be used in appropriate situations.
"What a large snake that is!"
by Mikcoleman731 November 04, 2007
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