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TWS is short form meaning Typical Woman Syndrome.

Typical Woman Syndrome is most often brought on by absolutely anything.
Symptoms include continual moaning, unexplained shouting and arguing, random mood swings and extreme unwarranted jealousy and or hatred for others.
'Gah fuck! She's TWS'ing everywhere'
by Something Tovey April 17, 2010
Acronym for Texting While Shitting. This is done when you're bored in the bathroom, but have already read the backs to all of your shampoo, conditioner, and any other products in your bathroom.
Nick: TWS Announcement: I didn't eat any corn!
Chris: Sick.
Nick: Just kidding, I DID eat corn.
by Aphetor March 08, 2010
Acronym for That Would Suck, a phrase that describes situations that would suck to be in.
Annie and Emma were watching a horror movie when the main character got his head chopped off.
"TWS!" Emma exclaimed.
by emmawemawoo November 17, 2008
Texting While Shitting
when you're taking a big dump and you text other people who are taking big dumps
(texting convo)
Deb: I am SO TWS right now
Grace: dude, sames!
Deb: great minds think alike!
by looz4lyfe April 26, 2011
Third Wheel Syndrome - occurs when spending any period of time with a couple, especially if they are fans of PDA (public displays of affection)
Adam: So, did you have fun with Greg and Sarah today?

Nick: No, not at all, i was suffering from TWS the whole time
by fgrabbit June 02, 2010
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