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Stands for typical University of Cincinnati Goer.

Basically this your average joe of a UC student. These guys like to party hard, walk drunk and high on campus while being plain idiots. These mofos enjoy screaming outside of the Siddall dorm rooms at 2 am and waking up the CCM students that have theory class at fudging 8 am. These students are also just plain stupid and seem to fail most of their classes. The intelligent/above average UC students don't understand the TUCG's and tend to walk quickly pass them when they are seen heading the class. TUCG's also tend to skip class frequently.
1) TUCG douches playing beer pong outside their house
2) Two girls stole an orange construction cone from the street and put it in their car
3) Student who parked their bike has a cable lock that is only going through a quick release seat
by yourfriendlyccmfriend April 06, 2011
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