things to ponder
ttp: why is the sky blue?
by c.a.r.l.a October 02, 2011
takin the piss
hes ttp'in
by archr March 27, 2009
Abbreviation of "Toke, Toke, Pass", a frequent method for marijuana smokers to regulate how long one person holds the joint. Helps to prevent Bogarting.

Used more often in large groups.
Pothead 1 (holding joint): blah blah blah blah blah...
Pothead 2: Hey man, TTP.
Pothead 3: Yeah, two hits then you're done. Rest of us gotta get stoned sometime.
by Krimm July 10, 2008
Is an acronym for "Time to Pwn" used primarily by nerds and gamers.
"Hey you wanna play some CS?", "Yea dude it's TTP"
by Karlbpwnin May 20, 2009
the initials for a UK Hip Hop group called Techtonic Plates.
also initials for the ziggy smoking formation of two toke pass
myspace dot com slash techtonicplates
I went to see TTP at BS23 Dance Venue last nite, it was a wicker nite

stop hogging the zoot, its TTP boy!
by MegGus1 August 06, 2007
Actually its short for "The Total Package", as heard in the Usher song "TTP"
You should be lookin' for a TTP
Now that I know the difference
That's all I'm tryna be with
Somebody that keeps it all in together now
I'm living better
Since I found the total package
by yip February 12, 2005
A short for "to teh point" (Truly "To the point").
Ok, now ttp, let's talk 'bout ur school marks.
by Woyciehch September 28, 2006

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