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The unfortunate wetness that occurs in the rectum and leaks into the gap separating the buttocks. This wetness is particular as it has a smell only enjoyed by the sufferer. Anous wetnous is distinctive in unable to be wiped off, it continuously reappears.

This wetness can often lead to pimples, warts and rashes.

This mixture of fluids, can include but is not limited to: sweat, diarrhea, spit, urine, juice, stomach acid, motor oil and gasoline.
- After a long day of diarrhea, i had a severe case of anous wetnous.

- I was going to hook up with a cute girl, but when I grabbed her ass it was clear she had anous wetnous.

- Doctor: "I have some bad news for you, you have been diagnosed with anous wetnous."
by krimm March 20, 2013
Abbreviation of "Toke, Toke, Pass", a frequent method for marijuana smokers to regulate how long one person holds the joint. Helps to prevent Bogarting.

Used more often in large groups.
Pothead 1 (holding joint): blah blah blah blah blah...
Pothead 2: Hey man, TTP.
Pothead 3: Yeah, two hits then you're done. Rest of us gotta get stoned sometime.
by Krimm July 10, 2008

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