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Tulsa, Tokyo & The Middle of Nowhere, a Hanson tour video.
Oh man, I was feeling reminiscy and watched TTMON the other night... Hanson were such dorks back then.
by xcarex November 03, 2003
7 3
This Time Of Night Syndrome. When you realize that your chances of leaving alone tonight are rapidly rising, so you settle for whatever you see.

Also, when a guy has low self esteem, so he assumes he should settle.
1: "Dude, all the decent chicks left already."
2: "Fuck it. I'm coming down with TTMONS. The one with the harelip will do."

1: "I'm an ugly bastard."
2: "Yeah, pretty much."
1: "TTMONS. Her personality is decent."
by ThatDefinitionsGuy February 09, 2013
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