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Tulsa, Tokyo & The Middle of Nowhere, a Hanson tour video.
Oh man, I was feeling reminiscy and watched TTMON the other night... Hanson were such dorks back then.
by xcarex November 03, 2003
This Time Of Night Syndrome. When you realize that your chances of leaving alone tonight are rapidly rising, so you settle for whatever you see.

Also, when a guy has low self esteem, so he assumes he should settle.
1: "Dude, all the decent chicks left already."
2: "Fuck it. I'm coming down with TTMONS. The one with the harelip will do."

1: "I'm an ugly bastard."
2: "Yeah, pretty much."
1: "TTMONS. Her personality is decent."
by ThatDefinitionsGuy February 09, 2013