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A term coined by Black Peter - A TRAW is a female that is Thick, Rich, and White. And in his eyes a desirable lady.

TRAW hunting is seeking out these lovely TRAWs and spending many inebriated hours with them.
"Now that bitch is a TRAW."
"Naw dawg, naw."
by trawhunter478 July 10, 2008
Thick Rich And White chicks, coined by the Great King Black Peter!
Dude, check out that T.R.A.W, I want to rail her.
by Ali Jew June 10, 2008
A word for a person who is a total fag. Someone who even when he is being insulted just smiles and laughs because he cant think of anything clever to come back with.
Kid dont be such a traw, we all know your just trying to think of something to come back with
by flacid wiener February 19, 2011
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