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Acronym for "Time of the Month" ... used when you want to complain about a girl's mood, while doing do in a manner that she does not necessarily understand..
"Why the fuck is Claudia so pissed off lately?"

by John March 30, 2003
Acronym for "Time of the Month" - aka PMT.
"I'm ill"
"What's wrong?"
by fizzzzzz August 23, 2006
A girl's period

Alex:Let have sex
Kelly:I can't
Kelly:Its my T.O.T.M
Kelly:Time of the month
by Miissfucksalot July 07, 2011
A girls "Time of the month"
sarah its my T.O.T.M
do you have a tampon?
by majdah November 30, 2010
Top Of The Morning
person 1 : hey

person 2 : TOTM
by blahhh rawrr April 22, 2011
hope everything works out
for example, im in so much shit....totm
by Liam Antony Meredith February 28, 2011

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