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To take off on someone with great haste,

Used to getaway from someone without them knowing
When a friend is being annoying on a trip and friends around him wants to get away from him with out him knowing.

example : "I can't take it with Rommy anymore, Lets TOOR"
#toor #tor #toored #toortoor #tooring
by dKy December 24, 2009
A common password for root on many linux systems. Used by default on the Slax live CD and by lamer admins.
Bob: What's the root pass on this friggin machine?
Jobe: toor man toor.
by x3nos June 06, 2005
to be goofy in a southern Georgia way.
werd to the toor.
by Alphy July 05, 2003
Muslim last name that love to eat halal meat. Toto is small and are big fat Pussies
Take the blood outside of that toor
#tours #tous #tears #toots #tom
by Jatt3166 September 05, 2011
Oral sex, generally between a male and female, can also occur between two homosexual men.
"I just gave that chick toor last night"
#sex #oral sex #blowjob #sexual #oral
by adsu March 20, 2007
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